PBX Development

VoIP SIP PBX development

Learn the basics

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is responsible for the communication line establishment between communication end points. For this purpose SIP accounts and authentication are used. The end points attached to the certain SIP accounts are called extensions of the PBX. These extensions can be physical VoIP telephone devices, PSTN adapters, software telephone solutions or so-called virtual extensions.
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What you need

Powerful server configuration
The PBX system can work effectively if you have a really powerful startup configuration on it. You can set up rules for the number or order of the phones that will ring when a number is called, or define special features for some communication purposes like voice mail, etc.

PSTN connection
You can also make connection towards the traditional wired and mobile communication network (PSTN) by using a simple adapter that is connected to the PBX. In this case you will be able to call any PSTN numbers from a VoIP phone and vice versa.

You can create an effective company communication network by installing a PBX system on your local area network. This will make your workers' communication easier and free.

How to create a PBX

Creating common functionality

Virtual extensions

The virtual PBX extensions are built-in PBX modules that are not traditional communication end points but serve some special purposes, for example, voice mail, answering machine functionality or IVR server functionality.

Capacity and performance

  • Number of extensions - capacity issues
  • Codec translation - when the softphones do not have the same codecs
  • Peer to peer data transmission - better performance

Extending PBX functionality

  • Call assistant - for making your work easy with useful and helpful functionalities
  • Connecting multiple PBXs - for connecting separate office departments in one communication network
  • Call tunneling - for call encryption

Get Started

Select an Ozeki SIP SDK license
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDKs licensing is based on the number of the simultaneous calls you wish to handle. More...

Install Ozeki SIP SDK
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is simple to install. Follow the basic steps to have a great background support for your VoIP solutions in minutes.

  • Download Ozeki VoIP SDK
  • Start the installer program
  • Select the target folder
  • Wait until the installation process finishes

Start with an example application
Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK comes with a lot of example programs, all of which have online documentation. If you are new to PBX programming, you can start with a detailed guide about PBX programming.

Ask our engineers if you have any questions
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