VoIP CRM Integration

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK makes VoIP - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration possible due to its first-rate technology. Integrating VoIP solutions into CRM not only boost sales and improve accountability but keeps further advantages for you:

  • Operating a VoIP integrated CRM highly reduces costs
  • VoIP technology makes businesses possible to document interactions with employees and clients (it is not easily available in traditional telephony)
  • All the collected customer information can be handled and viewed along with customer transaction data
  • It helps create more complex customer profiles
  • It is possible to setup mobile work points since VoIP solutions can be hosted remotely

These are just a few points of advantages of VoIP technology. VoIP solutions can be integrated easily into any CRM solution due to the fact that it transfers voice in data packets. With these advantageous features VoIP CRM integration will boost your productivity and efficiency by giving sales managers and agents a continuous and reliable performance tracking system.

Check the following guides to get more information on how to achieve VoIP CRM integration with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK:

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