IVR Development

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK provides ideal background for IVR system development. Please follow the links below to learn the tricks and realize how Ozeki SIP SDK will help achieve your goals with your IVR system.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the technology of making an automatic voice response to a predefined sign. This sign can be voice or DTMF keypad inputs. It means that when a person calls your firm, an automatic machine can answer the call and with the help of prerecorded messages and the person's live answers (voice or DTMF keypad input) the situation can be declared. Without any human work source required. This can be an extremely great help for managing incoming calls because IVR systems deployed in the network are designed to handle large call volumes. The method works like this: a person calls; automatic message is being played; person answers according to the instructions; another automatic message is being played; etc. This process keeps going for as long as there are messages to be heard. After the customer's willing is declared, phone call is over. Simple as that.

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