Not many people know that the webbrowsers on any PC can be used to access the local microphone and camera. This makes it possible to create two way voice and video chat solutions and browser to SIP VoIP solutions. This technology opens a huge opportunity for VoIP developers.

For using web telephony, you and your partner will need webphones to talk through. The webphone is a client-server application. The client part is a program integrated into a website. This client is connected to the webphone server that is usually a console application. The server forwards the call to another party, which can be another webphone, a softphone, a regular IP phone or even a call center. Using webphones is a very convenient way of communicating with your customers, as they can call you directly from your webpage.

Ozeki VoIP SDK gives you the tools to exploit this revolutionary technology. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK provides the base for the webphone solution you are working on and saves you a great deal of effort. On the pages below you will find all information to satisfy your curiosity on the subject of webphone development.

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