Ozeki VoIP SDK - Product Guide

Create or expand your own VoIP application with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK provides a flexible framework for real-time VoIP calls for .Net developers to build or expand their own VoIP application or components. It uses the power of .Net framework to its fullest advantage. In addition it ensures a faster time-to-market and dramatically reduces your internal resource cost allocations.

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is a .Net SDK of high quality designed for developers who have special needs such as DTMF IVR, voice recognition IVR or speech to text voice recognition, etc.

that make it better than others

Here are the main features that make Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK outstanding. For more details please visit the comparison table.

  • It is a true .Net solution

    Be aware of old technologies like ActiveX. Check the SDK you choose because very often only a .Net wrapper is written for the ActiveX component to use it from .Net. This method makes the whole SDK unstable. While the advantages of real .Net solutions do not need to be mentioned. The key benefit of real .Net solutions (and in this way of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK) is that the whole SDK is written in .Net that is why it is flexible for further developments, stable and reliable.
  • It includes good and detailed XML comments

    In this way programmers always know what the given method is responsible for. The detailed and good comments allow you to avoid blackbox effect. Furthermore, efficient comments also improve support processes later.
  • It has detailed help file and documentation

    Detailed help file and documentation helps a lot when it comes to real work. Transparent documents will guide you through the development process and speed up your work.
  • It has lots of sample programs

    The various available sample programs not only proves the flexibility and greatness of this SDK but they also help you develop new functions. Perhaps you will find functions that you like but you do not event think before. Check the available sample programs with source codes
  • At last but not least
    Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK includes a demo app

    It's great because this demo application creates a total proper test environment for you during your development. That way you do not need to spend money either time for creating the perfect environment just use this demo application! With this demo you can even try the SDK features without writing a single code line.

Connecting to the
telephone network to make calls

To make voice calls you need to connect your system to the telephone network. This can be done in three ways:

  • Option #1:
    Use a VoIP telephone adapter

    A VoIP telephone adapter is a hardware device that can be connected to your ethernet LAN or to your computer. It makes it possible to dial telephone calls. There are VoIP telephone adapters for GSM lines, for standard analog telephone lines and for ISDN lines. (If you don't have a VoIP telephone adapter, you can order one directly from us). When you put this hardware on your Ethernet LAN, it will get an IP address. You need to configure this IP address in Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK to be able to make voice telephone calls through the device.
  • Option #2:
    Use a SIP Account provided by Internet based VoIP telephone provider

    VoIP telephone service providers offer a telephone service over the Internet. They can forward calls to traditional telephone networks and to Internet users signed up to their network. There are many VoIP telephone service providers out there. When you sign up for their service, you will receive a SIP account (an IP address, a username and a password, plus some other details). To make voice calls, you need to configure the SIP account details in Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.
  • Option #3:
    Use your existing office PBX if it is a VoIP system

    If your office has an IP telephone system, you can connect Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK to it through the office LAN. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK can log in with a SIP account to the PBX and it can make telephone calls just like any other office desktop phone would. This is a good choice if you have already invested in IP telephony, because in this case you don't need to have a dedicated telephone line for outbound voice telephone calls made with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

    Click here to start to configure Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK

How to decide which Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK license you need?

The licensing of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is based on the numbers of simultaneous calls can be made. In this way, you can choose from various licenses according to your needs. If you need only a few simultaneous calls, you can select a lower capacity SDK license. While if you need large numbers of calls at the same time, you can choose a high capacity SDK license.

Click here to select a suitable Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK license for your project

When you purchase a license you can easily activate your demo application by entering the serial number you received from Ozeki after purchase. You can enter the serial number by opening the Ozeki VoIP SDK License Manager. In Registration tab you can provide the serial number and click on Activate.