SDK Exception Codes


Exception code Exception message
10000 Local address cannot be null.
10001 The minPort cannot be higher than the maxPort.
10002 Log file can not be created on the entered file path.
10003 Invalid domainServerHost value.
10004 The value of the domainServerPort has to be between 0 and 65535.
10005 "Can't get sip port {0} on network interface ({1}) !", lastUsedPort, transportFactory.LocalAddress
10006 Line must be registered, or no registration needed!
10007 Could not load native dependencies.
10008 "Could not load {0}", resourceName
10009 "Cannot create SIP transport: Not supported protocol ({0})", protocol
10010 Cannot create SIP transport: Invalid local address or all ports are busy.
10011 Cannot create SIP transport: Invalid local address or port cannot be created.
10012 Cannot create SIP transport: Invalid remote address.
10013 "Could not allocate media channel {0}. All ports are busy.", mediaType
10014 Please use inner phone line creation method


Exception code Exception message
20000 The playback device has not been initialized.
20001 The recording device has not been initialized.
20002 VADDetector creation failed.
20003 VADDetector already disposed.
20004 PCM data length must be equal 160.
20005 Unexpected error occurred.
20006 AcousticEchoCanceller creation failed.
20007 AEC is disposed.
20008 Unexcepted error occurred.
20009 Preprocessor creation failed.
20010 SPP is disposed.
20011 Source MediaFormat is null.
20012 Destination MediaFormat is null.
20013 Source cannot be null.
20014 Destination cannot be null.
20015 Cannot connect media handlers. (Source type: {0}, Destination type: {1})", source.MediaType, destination.MediaType)
20016 Invalid value. RotateAngle value must be 0, 90, 180 or 270.
20017 "File not found. Path: {0}", filePath
20018 Unsupported file format.
20019 The selected resolution and frame rate is not supported for the selected video capturing device
20020 No capturing device selected.
20021 Control is null.
20022 Could not initialize camera.
20023 Bits per sample must be 8 or 16.
20024 MediaFormat is null.
20025 WaveFormat is null.


Exception code Exception message
30000 License is already set.
30001 User id cannot be empty.
30002 License key cannot be empty.
30003 User name or license key is not valid.
30004 Your VoIP SDK license does not allow more than {0} parallel call(s).
30005 VoIP SDK trial period has expired.
30006 Your VoIP SDK license does not allow more than {0} phone line(s)


Exception code Exception message
40000 Flash provider already configured.
40001 Silverlight provider already configured.
40002 Policy service is require Administrator privilege

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