How to capture network traffic with Wireshark

This guide explains how you can capture the network traffic with Wireshark. The information you get this way then please send us to Our technical engineers then can look into the files and help you overcome the experienced issues quickly.

With Wireshark you can save all the outgoing network packages via all network cards. First, please download Wireshark from, install and run it (Figure 1).

download wireshark
Figure 1 - Download Wireshark

As the next step select the network interface via which you wish to capture the network packages (Figure 2).

select the network interface
Figure 2 - Select the network interface

Start the capturing process (Figure 3).

capturing process
Figure 3 - Capturing

When you wish to stop capturing process, click on Stop button. Then click on Save at File menu (Figure 4).

save captured data
Figure 4 - Save captured data

Provide a name for the captured data, specify the place where you wish to save the file and click on Save (Figure 5).

specify name and place to save captured data
Figure 5 - Specify name and place to save captured data

Finally, send us the saved capture data to (Figure 6). Our technical engineers will look into the captured data and respond you as soon as possible.

send us the captured data
Figure 6 - Send us the captured data

Please send us the captured data to!

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