Webphone solutions

This article is a brief introduction about webphone solutions in relation with Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. It contains the basic knowledge concerning webphones, and webphone development.

What is a webphone

A web phone is an IP telephone in software that can be integrated easily into a webpage. Web phone is a class of Soft phones. They are very simple to use as the configuration is performed automatically on web server side. Based on the industry standard SIP protocol, it is compatible with all VoIP devices and services. It can call any other SIP soft phone / IP phone (for free charge) or any landline and mobile number via a VoIP service provider of your choice. Web phones can be written in various frameworks, such as Silverlight or Flash.

webphone solution
Figure 1 - Webphone solution

Welcoming a web phone solution (Figure 1) in your business life is nothing but a good decision. See, a web phone on your corporal website can be a really tempting thing for your website visitors. Since they can call you for free with the web phone, it is more likely they will take advantage on the opportunity. Beside its freeness, simplicity is also a great feature of web phones. With only one click, the call can be started. There is no need of searching through site over site for an office telephone number or e-mail address. While searching, customers can lose their mood for calling. This way, numerous calls are lost forever. But if they face with an immediate option for asking their question, they will surely live with it.

By using a web phone, there is no need for your customers to download any software. The web phone will be hosted by your webserver. Calls can be initiated by typing a phone number, by click to call functionally or by your application. Web phones are easy to deploy and easy to use. Most of them are also platform independent. Also, they can be customized for your taste or according to your personal needs or business purposes.

Web phones can be provided with many useful functions, therefore they can be utilized in various ways. Some examples:

  • Providing click to call functionality on any webpage
  • Being used for web based call centers
  • Integrated in social networking websites
  • Being used as portable communication tool between company employees
  • Integrated in blogs or forums for members to talk to each other
  • Providing live support
  • Being used as a SIP phone plugin for CRM

Webphone implementation

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK provides a great background support for all the technologies and functionalities that are mentioned above in this article. If you want to create a VoIP solution that has all this support, you only need to download, install and use Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK.

Examples on webphone implementation:


This article gave you a brief introduction about the basic terms related to webphone technology. If you have read through this page carefully, you already have all the knowledge you need to start on your own solution.

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